Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December and the New Year

Once again, it has been a while since I posted.  For many reasons of course however I can't keep making excuses, I need to post more.  Anywho a lot has happened since last posted and I figured, now that I have some free time, its now a great time to actually get things done and update stuff.  I went about 3 weeks without checking ANY of my emails.... yes, I have more then one... and it didn't work out too well.



December was an interesting month.  I got a belly button infection in late Nov and had to take some antibiotics which made me have super runs which weren't fun.  I finished taking the drugs but still have some abdominal pains which I was told to go back to the doctor if I still have.... which kind of sucks.  Hopefully things will be alright.... Don't have health insurance (which I tried getting but nearly had a heart attack when I saw how expensive it was) and visits aren't exactly cheap.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Early Access

September to early December were really annoying months.  Almost every major game release all during these months however due to many unfortunate events, some of which you can find in older blogs, and the fact I pre-ordered and registered the collectors edition of the only game I'd be getting, I wasn't able to really get any of them.  The one major game release that I knew for sure I'd get was the last major game to come out across all platforms which also made things hard.  However the wait was over much earlier then expected.  I got into the early access of SWTOR about 7 days before the official release and was one of the first people on the servers playing.

I've already posted what I thought of the game through impressions but the final product is more then worth it.  Despite having to wait for it and not get anything else, the game is more then worth it.  This is easily the best MMO to date and the initial content in this game rivals even WoW.  It's one of the few MMO's that came out that feels complete and feels worth the monthly fee.  I talk more about it in the next few blogs probably but for now, I'll just say there will be more to come.

Stargate Universe

I've finished the entire series, finally, with I believe yesterday being my final day of Stargate.  Over all Stargate Universe wasn't as good as SG1 or Atlantis, it didn't have the charm and felt a bit too modernized with some rock thrown in rather then the kind of Stargate composed style music.  However, with that said, Universe wasn't horrible.  I do actually hope they continue the story and finish it up.  Also I hope this isn't the end of Stargate, there's a lot more that they could do with this.


Christmas was good.  As I posted in my last blog, me and my fam aren't very festive so Christmas, like Thanksgiving and Halloween, aren't very big things for us.  Its more or less like another day but we did do stuff for grandma and hang out together.  My sister ended up getting me Windows 7 for SWTOR which is awesome.  I heart my sister.  I hung out with my fam and watched a few movies as well, don't remember what all.  Also I went grocery shoppin with my grandma which is her thing.  All in all Christmas was great.  Oh and no, I didn't get any cookies but mmmm cookies.

New Years!

Once again, not a big thing for me and my family but I did spend it with my mom which was fun.  We pretty much watched stuff and slept.  I think I went to sleep at about 9 o clock lol.  Anyways I do have a New Years resolution, well 2 actually.  The first is to play and beat more games in my collection, I have over 350 games and have only beaten 70 of them, I need to really buckle down and complete some.  The second is to finish making a game, yes that is my ultimate goal.  Hopefully I will complete both of these tasks by years end.

New Games

Besides ToR, which I've talked enough about there was...


Rune Factory Tides of Destiny is one of those games that if you don't get it when you can, you won't be able to later.  Its only been out since Oct and its already extremely hard to find.  Luckily I was able to find it at a cheap price, brand new, for the Nintendo Wii.