Thursday, November 29, 2012

The insane past few months!

You know what.  I was going to type out a long email describing it but I'm just going to summarize.  I picked up Code of Princess, I got really sick, gamestop dropped my pre-order for the Wii U, I took the money for the Wii U and splurged on games, found out Walmart was doing in store layaway for the Wii U, got depressed I spent my money, my sister came out of nowhere and put one on layaway for me, mom got in a wreck but came out fine, she got 5000 dollars from the accident and decided to give me 300, I got 2 indie bundles and Steam and XBLA deals, spent my birthday alone playing games, me and my sis watched GSP's return and an epic fight that ended in victory, 10 minutes after that I picked up the Wii U, spent the next few days and thanksgiving setting up the Wii U and playing games, finally modded my Wii, went to food truck Tuesday and ate a real Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, got sick from eating food I knew I couldn't digest.

In Summary:

I got 145 games in October
I got 51 games in November
I got sick in October
I got sick in November
My Wii U pre-order got dropped
My sis got me a Wii U
GSP returned and won
Food trailers make delicious food but get me sick
My mom got in a wreck but she's fine and well compensated

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, huge haul of goodies, lol. I'm pretty jealous. All I've gotten was a Wii U with Mario and BO2.