Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gaming and Blogging update.

I noticed the other night that it's going to require a bit of editing for me to post stuff from my gametrailers blog over here as this blog and that one use 2 different languages.  Not a hard thing but it'll take a bit of time, just need to break away from the games for a bit.

Speaking of games, I'm currently playing Monster Hunter Tri or rather farming on it and surfing the net.  I'm getting ready to actually play a game but can't decide if I want to play a console game and stream it or if I just want to play a handheld game.  I kind of feel most my single player games or games that I'm alone doing a specific thing should be streamed though, to be honest, I don't stream games regularly to have a substantial number of viewers watching.  I still feel the need to only play games when I can stream.

I have a lot of games that need to be beaten.  Actually just about my entire library needs to be beaten, I hardly touch a lot of games do to online multiplayer games (more specifically online RPG's).  I still need to beat Monster Hunters single player.  I'm almost there, just a few more quests and it's done.  Also need to finish up the Metroid series, beat the first 2 (off the virtual console) not too long ago and put 8 hours on Metroid Prime 1 (have trilogy for Wii) but haven't went back.  Also started up White Knight Chronicles on PS3 and need to go back to it, need to finish GTAIV: Ballad of Gay Tony on 360 and recently purchased Zenonia on DSiware (got for my 3DS) and have been die'n to play it.  I'll probably just end up playing Monster Hunter but need to get focused.

I need to figure out a way to make a sig to put my backloggery in.  Hopefully when I get stuff going on this blog I can link it to my backloggery as well.

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