Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Watching List

I've been watching a lot of stuff lately... a whole lot.  This is mostly because I'll be having to get rid of the netflix dvd plan soon.

The Watching List

Stargate SG1 season 8 and 9

I've been watching a lot of Stargate lately so I can get up to the movies.  Finished up season 8 midway through season 9.  *spoilers*I miss Jack O'neil : *end spoilers*  Though I can't lie, the new guy is also fun too.  The story has really picked up in season 9 which is always nice as well.
Season 8:  6/10
Season 9:  8/10 (so far, not finished).

The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days is about a guy who's wife was accused for murder and all the stuff him and his son go through while she's locked up and how he attempts getting her out.  It was very suspenseful and better then I expected but still a far cry from a AAA movie.



Together is a Chinese drama that focuses on a child violinist prodigy and his dad and their journey for his success.  It's touching and really shows the lengths a good father will go for his son.  I highly recommend this one.

12 Monkeys

People from the future aka 1998 travel back in time 1995 to stop the army of the 12 monkeys.  Not a very good movie but crazy Brad Pitt makes this movie definitely worth watching.
Would be 5/10 but gets a 10/10 just for crazy Brad Pitt.

Law Abiding Citizen

A very suspense thriller.  Basically a guy's family was murdered right in front of him and the justice system didn't do anything about it.  And well you can kind of guess where the movie goes from there.  Lots of gore and intense scenes.   This is not a movie for those with a weak stomach.


Another suspense thriller, this time with Shia Lebeouf.  It's about a kid on house arrest who gets bored and spies on his neighbors all day.... peekin through there windows.  Creepy huh?  Not as creepy as what happens in the movie.

Dragon Hunters

Dragon Hunters is a kids animated movie about a Dragon Hunter, his conman friend, and a princess in search of a cool hero knight to save the kingdom.  She's pretty hyper active btw and can't stop talking which is partly what makes the movie funny.

The Way Back


The final movie and nowhere near the least is called The Way Back.  It's about a group of people who escape a communist camp in Siberia and their long journey across Asia to freedom.  Very good story, very good acting, and I highly recommend this one.

The Boy in Striped Pajamas

Another drama in wartime, this time following a German boy who's father is a colonel in charge of a Jewish concentration camp where he thinks all the people are in striped pajamas.  He makes a friend inside the camp, a Jewish boy around his age.  This is a very sad and disturbing movie but good none the less.


I'll be watching a lot more this week, gotta finish up the Netflix stuff but soon I'll be moving back to doing a lotta gaming soon.  By the way, I originally wrote this up 2 days ago but didn't get to post it here till today..... mostly do to some posting complications....

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