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What's New? 8/11/11

It's time for another blog update, figured I'd give some of the topics a rest for now and have a normal update.  With that said lets get right into it.

Gaming Progress

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Ok, I just have to throw this out there.  I am, indeed, a MMO junkie.  Ever since Phantasy Star Online on the Sega Dreamcast, I have been completely addicted to them.  Which of course, eventually after playing many other MMO's I of course got around to the World that is Warcraft.  I actually put the game down about 4 months back mostly because I was just plain bored (I have over 400 days total of playtime on it) but also cata just wasn't that much fun for me.  Well recently I was sitting at my computer surfing the net with my Razer Naga and well I ended up doing a week welcome back trial and played the crap out of it.  Finished up all the cata quests, got epic'd out through pvp, and well... sat around in Orgrimmar being bored again.  Probably won't be going back anytime soon, don't want to do raids or rated battlegrounds which require an insane amount of time and to be in the for the most part elitest guilds, which I hate.  Maybe 1 day Ill go back for real but with certain other online RPG's on the way, I just don't see it happening anytime soon.

Other Gaming

Not much else done this week.  I've been sucked up with WoW however I'll get back to the consoles very soon.

What I've Been Watching

Little Children

For the remainder of this month I'll be getting dvd's from Netflix that I can't get at the library or the red box.  In that list of movies was a movie I probably would of never saw on my own if my sister hadn't put it in my queue called Little Children.  With that said, this movie surprised me with a lot more comedy then I thought it would have.  It's definitely not a movie for everybody but if you like those more strange type movies, you may like this one.

Foo Fighters iTunes London Festival

Another thing my sister wanted to see, her computer wouldn't play it so we watched on my computer the Foo Fighters concert which was actually quite good.  A lot of energy and the crowd was really feelin it.

New Games

Shiren the Wanderer

I've been wanting this game for sometime now but whenever I looked it up online at amazon it was always still over $30.  Well recently I went to and saw it new for $15 but it wasn't in however I looked it up in the really nice store/game location system they have and found that it was in at one near me, so I went over and nabbed it.

Phantom Brave: We Meet Again

Valkyria Chronicles

Both Phantom Brave and Valkyria Chronicles are 2 Tactical/Strategy RPG's I've been wanting for quite some time.  I finally have them both and I'll definitely be playing them very soon.  Give both my Wii and my PS3 some love.

List of Top 10 Most Anticipated Games

There's a lot of games coming out, a whole lot (unless you're talking NA Wii's...) and with all the games coming out I know for a fact I can't get them all and have to focus on the ones I want the most.  So here's a list of my top 10 most anticipated games, mostly stuff I know I'll drop full price (or more) on to play.

#10 Monster Hunter Portable 3rd - I don't own a PSP but if if this game comes to PS3 the way it's supposed to there's a very strong possibility I'll be getting this one.

#9 Heroes of Ruin - While Nintendo isn't known for it's amazing online, this development team in the UK under the SquareEnix flag is doing something truely ambitious.  They're attempting to make a really core online experience on the 3DS.  This game is shaping up to be one of the hottest titles of next year and it's on the 3DS!  Really looking forward to it.

#8 Mass Effect 3 - This is a game that doesn't need any introduction.  It's the final party in an awesome trilogy and easily my favorite game from E3 2011.  Even though I'm not happy with the delay, I'm highly anticipating this game and I'm hoping that the extra time taken really pays off to do whatever polishing is needed.

#7 Battlefield 3 - Another very strong and very good looking game coming from the EA camp which I'm also greatly anticipating.  The Battlefield series has become my favorite FPS series and BF3 looks to be no exception to this.  The graphics are insane and I'm probably going to be nabbing this one for the computer to really flesh out the visuals and have the game running as well as possible.  Not to mention more players in rooms and how PC games evolve.  I'm all over this one.

#6 Pandora's Tower - No this hasn't been announced for North America yet.  No we're not guaranteed to get it.  However this game looks very awesome and if it does come out, I WILL be getting it.  To me, looking at this game, this is how Castlevania should be in 3D.  Castlevania with God of War elements not God of War with Castlevania elements.

#5 Rayman Origins - I'm a huge Rayman fan... HUGE.  When I first caught wind of them going back to the roots of the side scrolling platform style, I was very excited.  After I saw the E3 trailer, I was instantly sold.  I'll be getting this game, no doubt about it, the question is what system should I get it for?

#4 Phantasy Star Online 2 - More really good gaming news came this year when we got to see a nice trailer for yet another one of my favorite games, Phantasy Star Online.  Yes Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming, however it will be PC exclusive.  Not sure if I like that however I'm super stoked about this game, hopefully they deliver on a good PSO experience and not deliver a PSU-esc game.

#3 The Last Story - Yet another game that we don't know if it will be coming to NA or not, the Last Story has been an anticipated game of mine since I first heard of it being in development.  A Hironobu Sakaguchi game on the Nintendo Wii?  No way!  I love Mystwalker games, I loved Hironobu Sakaguchi's old work with Square Enix, and therefore I couldn't wait to try this one.  However like Pandora's Tower, we're not certain this game will be released here.  I really hope this does well in Europe and NoA gets their stuff together and starts releasing games people want.

#2 Star Wars: The Old Republic - For those who don't know, I'm an artist and went to art school.  Some of the people I went to art school with ended up working for some really big companies.  One of those companies was Bioware.  Well around the time one of them started working for Bioware, some really big news started surfacing from Bioware about a certain specific Star Wars game.  When I first heard about this game and how a group of over 12 writers were working on the game 3 years before it came out, I was super excited.  The very next day after I heard this news, we had an open house and our old classmate who was now working for Bioware ended up there and was also talking about this game and telling us more info.  Since then, not only have I been hyped and excited, I knew that this would be the next MMO that would really draw me in.  I want this game so bad, I even dropped the $150 for the collectors edition - yes, I know.  I'll be in this game the moment I'm allowed in.

#1 Xenoblade Chronicles - Xenoblade Chronicles aka Monado: Beganning of the World is yet another game on the Nintendo Wii that we have no idea if it will come to our region.  The person behind it, Tetsuya Takahashi delivered my favorite RPG experience of all time, Xenogears, and 2 other really strong RPG experiences I loved, Baiten Kaidos and Baiten Kaidos Origins.  Well this game also looks to be absolutely amazing.  It's being called the biggest Japanese RPG to date and is said to be the game that's really driving the JRPG experience forward.  Also this generation while there has been some big JRPG's, there hasn't been many, especially on the Wii.  This is the game that RPG fans and Wii owners need and I personally can't wait to play.  There's little doubt in my mind that I won't pick this one asap if it comes out in North America.

Honorable Mentions:

Mario Kart 3D
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Earth Seeker
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Rune Factory Tides of Destiny
Gears of War 3

What are some of the games you're looking forward to?

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