Saturday, November 12, 2011

Major Disappointment and Excitement.

This year has been full of some of gaming's highest high points and gaming's lowest low points but how does this affect the gamer.... Well let me tell you, it's been a total raging to total fanboy gushing experience.  This past few months has been no exception.

The Disappointment

Sony's UMD Solution for Vita  

Basically Sony has come up with a solution for future Vita owners who were also PSP owners and their backwards compatibility needs.  The way they're going about it though is absolutely horrible and is a huge slap in the face to PSP supporters and people who spent a good penny collecting UMD movies and games.  They're adding a system so you can register your UMD discs online but at a cost meaning you have to pay for each game, that you already purchased, in order to use them on your Vita.  While I guess they need to make money for keeping up this service but the fact of the matter is, this is a slap in the face of your own fans and greatly needs to be reconsidered.  This is even worse then NoA's PR BS a few months back about certain Japanese games people have been waiting for.

Invisible Walls

I've been watching IW for a while now and I used to really like the show, its always fun to here people talking about stuff you like and are interested in and dissecting those products and talking about the strong points and weak points of each game however this Past Episode was beyond fanboyish and got to straight hate trolling status.  Of course I'm talking about the Legend of Zelda part.  

Hey, I know, the game is on Wii, the graphics won't be mind blowing and the game will be limited in what it does on a technical stand point, but to say the game hasn't evolved, talk about it as if its unplayable, and to straight diss on it then go on to literally have nothing but good things to say about the newest Call of Duty game, a series that has seen 7 entries in the same generation, has been using the same engine since the 3rd entry in this generation, and for the most part, plays and looks the same as the last 5 games, well.... I have to ask the question if we should be taking this seriously anymore.  Granted, I don't hate CoD or anything (though I do recommend people that only play CoD to try other shooters) however I think if you have such standards and stipulations for 1 game, you should have it for ALL GAMES.

Too Many Releases

I know I've probably talked about this before but there are way waaaayyyy too many releases all back to back especially for multi console owners.  It's frustrating because there's a lot of big titles that I've been looking forward to for a very very long time (Rayman, Skyrim, Skyward Sword, Battlefield 3, King of Fighters, and Mario Kart to name a few) that I won't be able to get any time soon do to limited funds at this time.  Its very frustrating.  Furthermore this summer was one of the driest droughts across all platforms for games (minus downloadables) and nothing was coming out.  If some of these games came out then, I'd would of definitely picked them up but now it will honestly be quite some time before I get a lot of these games...

The Excitement

Nintendo 3DS Update

Look at the top of the picture, what do you see?  Yes that's right, a join game option.  Doesn't sound like much but this is a huge HUGE deal.  It means, in addition to all the stuff that the 3DS will be getting in the update, you'll get this one simple feature that is actually a huge deal.  You'll finally be able to join games with friends which is a huge thing for Samurai Warriors, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Tetris, Mario Kart and other games that I don't remember that also have online.  While this doesn't make the 3DS's online on par with the competitors online services, this is a huge step in the right direction.  Finally we'll be able to play games and communicate with friends the way we can with all other devices and this update is right around the corner.  Anybody fancy a match of Super Street Fighter IV 3D?

Heroes of Ruin Walkthrough Trailer

I've been pretty excited about this one since I first read the Nintendolife article about it a while back and since then have only been liking what I hear more and more.  The online features are very strong, as a matter of fact, the online sounds stronger then most the big name games on PS3 and 360.  It's shaping up to be one of the best online coop experiences on any platform and it's a freakin 3DS game.  It just got a release date of 4/3/12 (for NA) and is right around the corner.  I highly recommend checking this one out.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Invite

After being depressed that I won't be able to get most the games I wanted because of real life circumstances, I got a nice little email from EA inviting me to the beta of the game I've been wanting to play the most.  Needless to say I had a nerdgasm and freaked out... had to read the email about 6 times through but I read right.  I'm super SUPER excited about this one.  It made a previously crappy month get really really good.  I also read up on a forum that I can't seem to find, that everybody who preordered it before the Nov 11th will be in the beta which I honestly have no problem with.  It gives me a chance to try it out ahead of time.  Really really looking forward to this, good timing Bioware and EA!

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