Monday, November 7, 2011

MIA, Birthday, and New Games

Missing In Action

I've been MIA recently or rather I haven't posted a blog in quite sometime so I figured I'd get around to doing it.  Where have I been?  What have I been doing?  Why haven't I posted in quite sometime?  Reading, gaming, and working.  When I have free time I've noticed that I spend more time reading then writing or gaming lately, especially with the plethora of gaming news during this season.  Also last month I went back and started playing World of Warcraft and Minecraft again which sucked up a huge amount of free time... while WoW wasn't worth it (not going to go into the many details as of why) Minecraft was pretty fun to play with friends again.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

I started earlier in October playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic on Xbox and streaming it on JTV however due to some serious lag issues, having PC gaming withdraws, and hot room syndrome combined with a nasty texas heat wave (my room heats up literally 15 degrees at night if I have my tv and game system on) I put it and other console games on hold.  Unfortunately I forgot to save footage and they took the footage off of JTV pretty quickly sooo... no vids.

Stomach Virus

Later in the month, towards the end I got a nasty stomach virus which lasted nearly a week.  Didn't get much done work or gaming wise.  Could hardly sit up without feeling dizzy and getting extremely nauseous.  Good news is I got over it..  Bad news is I got it again the day of my Birthday.


I'm not the type of person that really likes seeing a lot of people on their birthday or really get into special occasions or holidays however my birthday kinda sucked because I re got the stomach virus on it.  It didn't last all day, left by day end but when I woke up, I was sick to my stomach and knew most the things I was going to eat just weren't going to happen.  Good news is, I did eat a very veggie riffic fully loaded cali style burrito and had this awesome ginger brew soda for dinner and the combination of the 2 made my stomach feel great.

New Games

Got some new games as well this month, though none of them are the big release titles that everybody is talking about.  I actually spent a while recently thinking about what to get, cause there's a whole lot I want right now however I finally decided on getting some games for my 3DS.  I mean I only have 1 3DS game (Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition) and I wanted to get stuff that doesn't require my PC or TV to be on so my room doesn't get hot, is slower paced then the frantic fighting game mechanics of SSFIV3D, and I know I'll play right away.  You see if I get something on consoles, even if its a huge AAA title, I'm likely to not play it right away because I would want to finish the previous games in the series's as well as if I started playing whatever game and I'm not finished by the time Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out, I'm likely to not finish them (that's the big game I'm most looking forward to).

So I decided on games, 2 on 3DS and 1 on DS.  All Turn Based Strategy (2 of them TBS RPG's).

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimiore of the Rift - DS


This is a game I've been wanting for a while now, its for the DS, its a sequel to one of my favorite games and its actually becoming pretty rare now.  Online at amazon, the cheapest copy of this game was without a case and for $25.  At gamestop you couldn't purchase this one online and all the normal civilian stores in my area didn't have it, the only one that did was on post which I don't have a military ID so it would require me going with family or friends and it was going for $20.  Good news is a local game store had it in with the case, like new, for $9.99 which of course I jumped on.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked - 3DS

This is a game series that not many people know about but 2 of my friends have been talking about for a while.  Well this game is a remake of a DS game with minor updates to the graphics, full voice over, and quite a bit of new content.  Not enough to purchase the game if you already had it but enough to warrant a purchase for people who may of missed the original (like myself) and/or could be looking for a new title to play on their system (like myself).  It's crazy though, this game came out 2 months ago and is already becoming super rare.  You can't purchase it online anywhere outside of amazon which at amazon the cheapest listing for this game new is 15 bucks above the original price.  I saw it at 2 of the local gamestops (gotta love their online database) and went to the one next to the local grocery just to find out that it wasn't their (for whatever reason it was in their database even when they checked but they didn't have a copy) so I had to go to the one in the mall which luckily had 1 copy left :D  Though it was full priced at $39.99 I felt lucky to get a game that's already rare.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars - 3DS


This was the other 3DS launch title that I wanted but never ended up getting.  It's also a turn based strategy game but a bit less of a RPG and more of an Advanced Wars style game.  It's a western take on the genre (being more Military and modern weapons based) and I've heard nothing but good things about it from friends and those who've purchased it.  Luckily, unlike the other 2, this one isn't going rare so I found it on amazon for less then $15 and picked it up.  Including shipping and tax it's less then $20.

Dungeon Defenders - XBLA

 While I'm extremely open to all sorts of games and play a whole lot of them, not many games come along that instantly catch my eye, however when I first saw the development team for this game doing stage design and showing gameplay for it on JTV, I was instantly sold.  This game blends 3rd person action mechanics from hack n slash (like the Gauntlet series) with Gears of War horde mode style gameplay with the strategy gameplay of tower defense games with strong western RPG elements such as phat loot, talent trees, and customizable characters.  It does all of that and also features strong local and online multiplayer components and delivers 13 stages, 3 bosses, and a crap ton of challenges as well as a bit of PVP thrown in.  Quite frankly, this isn't just one of the best games available for download on PC, PSN, and XBLA, it's easily better then the majority of the games that have come out this generation and it's a smaller scale game available for $15.  Easily a must have, I highly recommend it.  Funnest console game since Borderlands.

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